It's always fun at The Barn!

Above: September Fun 2010 at The Hayloft Barn  -  Joey Warren, Rob Glover, Michael Barr and Michele Burton backed by FortyLiners and Company.

.... and with The GREATEST (Jo Thompson-Szymanski) and me.

(Oneida NY,1999)


Fun with our Seniors – Senior Center, Sturbridge MA

DW40 workshop: Friday night Beginners Bonus class - 2010 

Todd & Staci at The Hayloft – int/adv workshop 2010

Bob Grundy visits on a Friday night 2010 

September Fun with Michael Barr, Michele Burton,

Rob Glover, Joey Warren, Louie St George and Forty Arroyo

Cool Jerk at September Fun 2010 
September Fun 2010 
Goofing off at September Fun 2010 

B&B SENIOR Workshop with Michael Barr & Michele Burton 2010 

Dancing with my Queen – Casimira Arroyo - 2009

Fun at The Tim Gillis Dance Weekend – 2009
Dancing El Diablo with Bernie and friends at The Tim Gillis Dance Weekend
Rachael leads Forty in a Salsa 
more dancing:

 PEDRO WHO? Below with Fans, John Robinson, Barry & Rachael McEnaney and Barry & DariAnne Amato,


Forty's Friend Pedro at Tim Gillis Dance Weekend

 Pedro at Tim gillis - November 2010 (reviewing Ruben Luna's "Forty Said") 
Pedro dancing at TG April 2010 (in his fitness garb)
Pedro's first appearance at TG - November 2009:
to view All Jersey Video  click on 11/09
Below: For the Love of Jo Benefit Worskshop 12/18/10 - $1351 raised for the Jo Thompson-Szymanski Fund - Donating their time:
Staci & Todd Lescarbeau, Charlene Wiencek, Sarah Preston,  Forty Arroyo, Arlene Verity,
Bob Grundy, Carol Shackelford and Joe Steele. 
Thank you all for your generosity.

If you love dancing with Forty YOU are a FORTYLINER; The FortyLiner Gals with their Jazzy T's designed by Kris Mercier - first from the bottom.

Above -   Pedro Sin Cuello Forunato with The Fortyliners.  Photo taken at The Tim Gillis Dance Weekend November 2010

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